January 12, 2018

This was an amazing workshop where I had space and support to explore what it means to WANT as a woman.
Merav creates a container for the workshop that is strong, warm and soft – the course teachings are deeply informed by her own life experience and wisdom. I deepened my understanding of the nature of wanting, where I shut myself down from that wanting and how to open myself back up again. I realized that who I become as I go after my goals is as important as reaching the goal itself. I saw how I had labeled a goal I hadn’t achieved as a failure. After the workshop, I experienced that who I became as a result of working toward my goal is something I cherish about myself – and even though I didn’t reach my “stated goal”, I am stronger, more loving and caring as a result.
The embodied nature of this training means that I take this learning with me – and I have a physical practice which helps me to deepen my learnings. If you want to learn how to use your desire as a sustainable engine for creating what you want in your life, do this workshop.