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Merav Gur Arie, Personal Development mentor
Body Centered, Greifswalder str. 208 10405 Berlin
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Merav Gur Arie, Personal Development mentor
Body Centered, Greifswalder str. 208 10405 Berlin
Phone: O176-216 243 17
E-Mail: [email protected]

Limitation of liability for content

Although every precaution has been taken by us in the preparation of this website we assume no responsibility for any errors or omissions. We are responsible under the general laws for any information that has been given by us directly (§7 German Telemedia Act). Our liability is limited in case of the transfer or saving of other people´s information (§§8-10 GTA). We are principally not obliged to monitor information of a third party according to their unlawful actions and/or information. This also refers to all the personal profiles and other publications, which were added by the practitioners of the Pantarei Approach on their own authority. As soon as we find out about any concrete legal violation we will immediately delete the relevant information or block access to it. We are only liable for any information of a third party from the moment we find out about any legal violation and in the event that we did not immediately delete the information or block access to it.

Limitation of liability for external links

We are not liable for any external links or any other direct or indirect references to other websites which may appear on our internet resources. The providers of other websites, which may be linked to ours, are responsible for their content and for their correctness. At the time the links were submitted to our website no legal violations were apparent to us. As soon as any legal violation becomes apparent to us, we will immediately delete the link from our website. We are also not responsible for any privacy policies of other websites. We recommend, that you familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of other websites, as they differ to our regulations.


All contents and contributions (e.g. text, pictures, videos, graphics, logos), which are published on our website are protected under the Copyright Act, the Law on Trade Marks and other laws. No part of this website shall be reproduced or transmitted or published in any form or by any means without written permission of the provider. This does not apply to any obligatory limiting provisions by law.

Data protection

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and strictly comply with the regulations of the applicable data protection laws.

When you visit our website, the server will automatically create log files on, for instance, the name of the downloaded file, date and time of the download, volume of data transmission, whether a download was successful, web browser and requesting domain, and IP addresses of the requesting processor. The recording of this data serves only internal, system-related, and statistical purposes. The data will not be transmitted to third parties, and will not be used for either commercial or noncommercial purposes.

In general, it is not necessary for you to disclose any personal data. Personal data is individual information about personal or factual relations of a particular or determinable natural person (e.g., name, address, or e-mail address). Should we require your personal data to provide my services, your data will only be disclosed voluntarily.

Should you send an inquiry to us via the e-mail form on my website or via e-mail, the corresponding personal data submitted to us will be used. The data shall only be used to the extent that this is necessary for answering your inquiry or contacting you and for the corresponding technical administration, for entering into and executing any contracts concluded between us, or for accounting purposes. The data shall not be used for other purposes. The data shall only be transmitted to third parties if this is necessary for the execution of contracts, for accounting, or if you consented to such transmission.

You can revoke your consent to the recording, use, and processing of your personal data any time for the future. The data will be deleted after a revocation, or if the data is no longer necessary in order to fulfill the recording purpose, or if recording of the data is prohibited for any other reason. If the deletion of the data is prohibited because of contractual or statutory storage obligations, the data shall be blocked. On request, we will give you information about any data recorded about you or under your pseudonym. The statutory regulations of the TMG (Telemedia Law) and the German data protection law (e.g., BDSG, Federal Data Protection Act) remain unaffected.

We would like to indicate that there is no 100% protection against third party access to any given data in the Internet. We are not liable for any damages that might result due to security vulnerability.

Professional rules and regulations

All somatic coaching under the Pantarei Approach is administered under the strict code of professional ethics mandated by the Approach with the express intention of positive individual empowerment and increased overall wellbeing. While Pantarei helps people to connect to their own strength and abilities, it is not considered a medical treatment nor can it substitute for any kind of required treatment. Pantarei practitioners do not medically diagnose or treat physical or psychiatric problems and their work does not seek to replace such professional guidance nor does it give any healing promises.

If there is any doubt due to the health condition of a client if they will be able to benefit from a personal process, they should inform their practitioner about it and consult with their medical advisor to clarify this situation before starting/ continuing a Pantarei process.

Any medication taken prior to or during the process should be taken as instructed by the clients’ physician and any changes to medication or treatment should be considered only after consultation with their physician.

If a person experiences serious changes to any health condition during their one on one process, it is important to let their practitioner know right away and to check it with their physicians or medical support.

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