When I first went in to Ann-Katrin’s practice I knew very little of what is going to happen and was extremely curious. She had already told me about her work and that by touching and working with “clay field” you can go deeper into sensing yourself and go through personal transformation. “It is based on the sense of touch and how important it is for our development and basic feeling of well-being”, she explained. As I am working with touch all day, I was curious to investigate it from another aspect. I was also hungry to get new input and learn other approaches of working with people.

Jumping into Something New

I came in excited. I wore the apron she handed me, gave her my glasses, set in-front of the clay plate, and shut my eyes. She directed me to touch the clay and feel it. It was cold and strong. I started to move slowly, just feeling it and not knowing what to do exactly. Ann-Katrin led me through, to feel and move; “Go with your wishes”, “you can extend your body movement”, “take the breath with your movement”. She led me to involve all my body while I was touching the clay. I gained confidence and started playing with the clay while I was concentrating on the effect it had on me, my body and emotions. Once in a while she asked me; what does the clay feel like and how I feel my body. “It is strong”, “it gives me solidity”, “I can relax into it” I answered. Later the experience changed, as the clay was forming under my hands it felt like a person that I held in a hug. At one moment, while I was touching and feeling the clay, it started to get a form, an image. It became a thing. I was building a fortress. It was solid and strong. On a very basic, sensory level I felt as I am this fortress. I felt my own pillars in my bones and legs. I was solid and strong. Only then I opened my eyes to see that it looked exactly as I saw it with my hands. I went out of this session amazed and deeply empowered.

I continued these sessions for a good half a year. It was always me and the clay starting from where I was in that moment, feeling and going through the process. The touch, the concentration and movement allowed me to feel in depth where I was, gain clarity, express my feeling into the clay (the clay can take it all) and let them transform.

If I would need to describe it in few words, I would say that I was building in clay the experiences that I needed at the time. It was never something I could plan or even think of. I am not a person of symbols or metaphors and if it would stay on that level, I wouldn’t be so excited. But when a Dolphin was coming out of the clay, I felt the swing and the water in all my body. I felt the smoothness and the playfulness and it stayed with me through the week, as an emotional and physical sensation.

 Sensing is the Only Sensible Thing

One especially beautiful session was one of the last. I arrived very tired and without a burning urge to do anything. Through the guidance of Ann-Katrin, I rested while I was feeling the clay and became nourished from the physical sensations and the inner attention. For a long while, I just touched and breathed. A thought passed in my mind that “it would be OK if today nothing would be built”. I let go. Suddenly an interest was ignited. I felt wings coming under my hands and I got excited. I wanted to give it life. I wanted to fly. I wanted the lightness and strength.  I got a boost of energy and I built it very fast. It was a bat, a strong, passionate, expressive bat, with wings and face.

It strengthened an extremely important lesson for me about will and choices. When I don’t force myself, but take time to sense in depth and receive, life will call me. Something would happen that will show me what I want and where to go. Clarity and energy will be gained from the communication between me and what surrounds me. And when I know with all my body what I want, the action is very simple and propels my energy further. 

The Training is in the Process 

These sessions supported me and gave me power to build my understanding and position in my life with the current changes and developments and boosted my creativity. It was incredibly satisfying and empowering experience to create a reality of clay that would fit my needs and the reality of my life. The process was the practice. Through the sessions, I found within me the inner power to form my life as I wish to and trust what I do and love.

Thank you Ann-Katrin Winklbauer!

If you are facing a challenging situation or an important decision and you want to reconnect with your personal resources and have all your body and emotions involved you are welcome to Contact for an Introduction Meeting.

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