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It is possible to go through difficult periods or events without losing yourself into it. 

One of the sessions with Merav, was in order to prepare for a job interview I had a few days later. Job Interviews are normally a very stressful situation for me, and I could feel already when I got the invitation that there was stress building up in my body; I could hardly breathe and felt tension in my chest. I was afraid that this stress will make me nervous and disturb me to answer at my best.

After the session, I was very calm and confident and felt that the stress I felt before was replaced by a certain strength and positive energy. I could go to the interview with my full attention to the questions asked, sensing the atmosphere and the vibes of the interviewer and react in a calm and confident way. Instead of trying to please, I was able to be concentrated and also feel if the job that is offered fits for me and if I would like at all to work with the person interviewing me. Beyond the preparation for the job interview, I felt that the session gave me confidence for the whole period that was ahead of me. I had another job interview a few weeks later, and the influence of the session was still very alive and I could use it as well for this interview and finally I got the Job I really wanted!

The major lesson from my sessions with Merav is that it is possible to go through difficult periods or events without losing yourself into it.  The physical exercises that I can also practice at home, help me to get grounded and see and feel things that would be blurred otherwise. It is amazing how one hour of a session can change my experience from feeling lost to being confident and optimistic and most important to be able to achieve what I want to achieve.

Merav is a very attentive and emphatic practitioner. I fully trust her work and expertise and I have made a great changes  working with her.

I feel as if I’m always understood and I have great confidence in Merav.

In the sessions with Merav, I’ve learned to listen to my body, to listen to my inner self and trust that I can find the answers to my questions within myself.
For many years, I had the “feeling” that my thinking and my actions could barely be experienced physically. This was as true for negative as well as positive emotions. It’s difficult to describe, but for me, the most important change is that I am able to follow my own desires and dreams more and more, because now, I am aware of them. And this, of course, strengthens my self-confidence.

I had almost “locked away” my feelings. I’ve been seeing Merav regularly for a year and a half, and have already been able to experience many positive changes. By connecting the breath/breathing with the body, old wounds and beliefs became apparent which I can now work through and heal in the here and now. In the beginning, this work was very new to me – breathing and feeling my body at the same time and, on top of that, talking with someone about it – that was unfamiliar to me and I felt uncertain at first. Yet the more I learn about myself, the more confident I become in my own feelings and actions. Today I live the 24 hours of my day more consciously and I listen to myself when making decisions, doing so/making up my mind only after having decided/distinguished whether I would really like something or if I am “only” doing it for others. This of course did not work at first and does not yet work every time today, but it becomes easier and easier for me from session to session.

In the sessions with Merav, I’ve learned to breathe again and have come to understand what an impact breathing has on my feeling of well-being and this is something that I can now better observe. I know what is good for me and what is not. I am learning more and more how old patterns of thinking and beliefs affect/affected my body and led me away from the path that was right for me. I can now use this awareness in my ongoing work with Merav.

Merav, for me, is a very empathetic, warm, and interested woman who listens very closely. I feel as if I’m always understood and I have great confidence in her. With her open and outgoing nature, I feel that I can let myself go more and more, to talk about myself and my “feelings”.
Many thanks for this!

The work with Merav changed my life. I am closer to myself, cleaner on who I am and what I want

I’ve got to know Merav some years ago, when I reached out to her for a 1:1 session. I was in my 30-something crises, seeking for advice. Since then I attended several of her workshops, including also an ongoing group over 4 month on the topic of confidence and women strength. One of my favourite weekends are the „I want“-workshops, that I ended up attending twice in the last two years, because it was so good and helpful.

Her workshops and teachings have every time literally changed my life. Not only in helping me in becoming clearer on what I wanted, but also in accepting and allowing every bit of myself. I learned to purse my goals with clarity and determination, while staying soft and authentic. Thanks to Merav I learned that I don’t need to be though to be successful. I can allow my soft feminine side and act from a complete new source of power, that I wasn’t aware of before. Her work created transformation, on a deep level, inside and outside. She helped me turn my visions and dreams for my work and private life into a reality.

Merav has the gift to be clear and direct, but staying very empathic and gentle at the same time. I highly appreciate her powerful, yet grounded and undramatic way. Working with Merav is empowering and always also leaves room for fun and laughter. It’s exactly what I expect from a great personal development mentor.
Thank you Merav!

This was an amazing workshop where I had space and support to explore what it means to WANT as a woman

This was an amazing workshop where I had space and support to explore what it means to WANT as a woman.
Merav creates a container for the workshop that is strong, warm and soft - the course teachings are deeply informed by her own life experience and wisdom. I deepened my understanding of the nature of wanting, where I shut myself down from that wanting and how to open myself back up again. I realized that who I become as I go after my goals is as important as reaching the goal itself. I saw how I had labeled a goal I hadn’t achieved as a failure. After the workshop, I experienced that who I became as a result of working toward my goal is something I cherish about myself - and even though I didn’t reach my “stated goal”, I am stronger, more loving and caring as a result.
The embodied nature of this training means that I take this learning with me - and I have a physical practice which helps me to deepen my learnings. If you want to learn how to use your desire as a sustainable engine for creating what you want in your life, do this workshop.

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