1. I sing. In tone or out of tone my repertoire consists of Hebrew songs, English songs and free, (very free) translations to German.

2. I started baking. I love decorating birthday and holiday cakes; Easter rabbit and Halloween spider cookies, but also chocolate mousse, Tiramisu, American cheese cake and more to come.

3. I learned to use WhatApp and my phone camera. If you see me watching my phone and giggling, better stay away or you would be subjected to watch my son’s latest video performance.

4. I move between melting love to a supressed-crazed-dinosaur-fit and back within 3 minutes.

5. My schedule is full with social activities and friendly gatherings

6. I would like to say that I am more organized and constructive with my time, but – not.

7. I discovered my extended family and especially my nephews and nieces that are wonderful young adults now

8. I am more patient

9. Most of the time


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