Feminine Strength

My aim in my work with women, whether in a personal process or in my group courses is to reconnect with the innate feminine strength and exceptional feminine qualities that we are equipped with, to deal with the challenges of life.

Being a woman in our times presents special challenges and questions regarding identity, behaviour and performance. When many of today’s social structures and values are more flexible than before, it seems that everything is possible for us women and just doing whatever one wants would be easy. But digging a bit deeper, we often find that it is not so simple to “just” decide what we want and go for it. Actually the fact that nothing is set solid means that there is not only more freedom, but also great uncertainty and insecurity.

We, women are confronted with numerous questions and decisions that will effect us; from what to wear, drink and eat to where we live, with whom and in what constellation we share our lives . As also relationships have become increasingly fluid, creating a mutual ground of trust and commitment alongside personal freedom has become a challenge.

Other profound questions women deal with may be; how do I claim my power and success, how to integrate professional success with family life, how do I set my boundaries, how do I incorporate my passions with my financial needs and questions regarding motherhood, sexuality and more.

Dealing with these issues, could expose vulnerabilities that stem from our personal upbringing or cultural influences that reduce our self-confidence and our ability to act.

But all that said, we must also acknowledge that women have, and always had, tremendous strength and determination that allowed them to take care of their families in peaceful times as well as in times of sickness, survival and other difficulties.


Personal Sessions

Development & Recovery
Tap into your personal strengths and resources through mind-body integration and effectively create the changes you want.

Pantarei Approach

Professional Studies
Learn an emphatic language of touch and verbal communication and help others in their process to facilitate their goals and wishes.

When we women, reconnect to our bodies, we can tap into this innate power and to the special feminine talents that stem from our feminine physiology, abilities and heritage.




Using typically feminine traits such as emotional intelligence and sensitivity, the capability to pay attention to others, understanding their needs but also their intentions and emotional state, we are able to create great changes while contributing to our surrounding. All that together with, practicality, adaptability, holding in our attention many contexts and maintaining a wide perspective of the situation, gives us the ability to deal with complex situations and find in them the relevant and wise path.

In my work, I strengthen women and teach them to reconnect to these feminine qualities. I teach them to trust and listen to their inner voice and find their own individual answers and way of being in these turbulent times. I teach them how to pass through personal inhibitions and barriers and have the courage to bring about the change they genuinely desire.

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Clients Share Their Experience

The work with Merav changed my life. I am closer to myself, cleaner on who I am and what I want

I’ve got to know Merav some years ago, when I reached out to her for a 1:1 session. I was in my 30-something crises, seeking for advice. Since then I attended several of her workshops, including also an ongoing group over 4 month on the topic of confidence and women strength. One of my favourite Read More

Katja Na., Coach & Advisor for Female Professionals January 23, 2018

This was an amazing workshop where I had space and support to explore what it means to WANT as a woman

This was an amazing workshop where I had space and support to explore what it means to WANT as a woman. Merav creates a container for the workshop that is strong, warm and soft - the course teachings are deeply informed by her own life experience and wisdom. I deepened my understanding of the nature Read More

Mary O. January 12, 2018

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