Personal Sessions

In instances of distress, transitions, crisis or just when we are planning the next step, connecting to our power and our body is essential.

My aim is to lead a clients through their challenges and to reconnect with their own strength and personal talents so they can effectively create the changes they desire in their lives.

The sessions are a collaborative process in which me and the client explore the issues and the experiences she or he want to deal with. In addition to the talk, I use touch and breath techniques in order to heighten the clients’ attention to their body and create a wider experience of what their issue entails from different aspects. For example, the emotions or worries the client is experiencing, their own expectations or what is expected from them. The client is encouraged to move, breath, think and express their emotions, needs and wishes.

Working with the body, in addition to verbal communication, allows a full, direct and authentic way to contact all aspects of who we are. It is an effective way to bypass inhibitions, social conventions or limiting assumptions that hold a client back from moving in a wanted direction.

Clients come for sessions with varied issues from their everyday life. Some examples would be; the wish to improve or change a current situation, the wish to build a certain personal trait, prepare for an important event or the realization of a project, dealing with the effect of traumatic or painful events in the past, creating clarity at the face an important decision and more.
I trust that by giving the client a reassuring environment to feel all facets of their being, he or she will find their own answers and individual way to regain their strength to deal with any challenge they are currently facing.

Feminine Strength

Workshops & Lectures
Reconnect with the innate feminine strength and exceptional feminine qualities that we are equipped with, to deal with the challenges of life.

Pantarei Approach

Professional Studies
Learn an emphatic language of touch and verbal communication and help others in their process to facilitate their goals and wishes.

Session Series Focused on Physical Recovery

These session series aim to enhance and give the client the best conditions to support the body’s natural healing process.
The sessions raise the energy level and body awareness using touch and implementing appropriate movement exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques. It releases the tensions and blockages that interfere with the progress of healing and helps to regain control and trust in the body and its ability to fully recover.

The physical recovery session series can support the healing from surgeries or injuries, difficult birth giving and other acute conditions. This session series can also relieve reoccurring conditions such as chronic back pain, migraines, menstrual pain, nervous or slow digestion, among others.

Clients Share Their Experience

It is possible to go through difficult periods or events without losing yourself into it. 

One of the sessions with Merav, was in order to prepare for a job interview I had a few days later. Job Interviews are normally a very stressful situation for me, and I could feel already when I got the invitation that there was stress building up in my body; I could hardly breathe and felt Read More

Kathrin Z.

I feel as if I’m always understood and I have great confidence in Merav.

In the sessions with Merav, I’ve learned to listen to my body, to listen to my inner self and trust that I can find the answers to my questions within myself. For many years, I had the “feeling” that my thinking and my actions could barely be experienced physically. This was as true for negative Read More

Katja Nö.

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Merav Gur Arie

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