January 23, 2018

I’ve got to know Merav some years ago, when I reached out to her for a 1:1 session. I was in my 30-something crises, seeking for advice. Since then I attended several of her workshops, including also an ongoing group over 4 month on the topic of confidence and women strength. One of my favourite weekends are the „I want“-workshops, that I ended up attending twice in the last two years, because it was so good and helpful.

Her workshops and teachings have every time literally changed my life. Not only in helping me in becoming clearer on what I wanted, but also in accepting and allowing every bit of myself. I learned to purse my goals with clarity and determination, while staying soft and authentic. Thanks to Merav I learned that I don’t need to be though to be successful. I can allow my soft feminine side and act from a complete new source of power, that I wasn’t aware of before. Her work created transformation, on a deep level, inside and outside. She helped me turn my visions and dreams for my work and private life into a reality.

Merav has the gift to be clear and direct, but staying very empathic and gentle at the same time. I highly appreciate her powerful, yet grounded and undramatic way. Working with Merav is empowering and always also leaves room for fun and laughter. It’s exactly what I expect from a great personal development mentor.
Thank you Merav!