March 6, 2018

One of the sessions with Merav, was in order to prepare for a job interview I had a few days later. Job Interviews are normally a very stressful situation for me, and I could feel already when I got the invitation that there was stress building up in my body; I could hardly breathe and felt tension in my chest. I was afraid that this stress will make me nervous and disturb me to answer at my best.

After the session, I was very calm and confident and felt that the stress I felt before was replaced by a certain strength and positive energy. I could go to the interview with my full attention to the questions asked, sensing the atmosphere and the vibes of the interviewer and react in a calm and confident way. Instead of trying to please, I was able to be concentrated and also feel if the job that is offered fits for me and if I would like at all to work with the person interviewing me. Beyond the preparation for the job interview, I felt that the session gave me confidence for the whole period that was ahead of me. I had another job interview a few weeks later, and the influence of the session was still very alive and I could use it as well for this interview and finally I got the Job I really wanted!

The major lesson from my sessions with Merav is that it is possible to go through difficult periods or events without losing yourself into it.  The physical exercises that I can also practice at home, help me to get grounded and see and feel things that would be blurred otherwise. It is amazing how one hour of a session can change my experience from feeling lost to being confident and optimistic and most important to be able to achieve what I want to achieve.

Merav is a very attentive and emphatic practitioner. I fully trust her work and expertise and I have made a great changes  working with her.