My Approach

Mind-body integration is a most effective way to reconnect with our authentic self.

In our culture we learned to use different terms for different “parts” of ourselves. This impression may have its advantages, but it is a simplified and somewhat misleading perception of reality. An accurate observation would show that we are one entity and what we call “soul” “psyche” or “body” are all different aspects of the same one person. There is no separation. For example, any feeling we experience is also expressed physically. It’s always another facet of our reality.

Working with the body in addition to verbal communication allows a full, direct and authentic way to contact all aspects of who we are. We can look at a challenge or an issue that one is dealing with and work with it on a deep level involving all facets of the experience. In this way we can bypass inhibitions, social conventions or limiting assumptions that hold us back from authentic expression.

As human beings we are born with a range of emotions and universal faculties that can support us throughout our life. At the same time each one of us has his or her own set of talents and strengths that are unique. Awakening our bodies and its deep feelings allows us to expand our perception to reality that surrounds us and inhabit all of who we are, with our most basic and yet individual strengths and talents and integrate them into our daily life.

The way I see it, self-acceptance is at the base of self-confidence and personal growth. Accepting who we are, including our vulnerabilities and our quirks allows us to follow our individual path towards satisfying and joyful lives.

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